Image of Monoloc & Beauty of Inconsequenz - Storyline EP - UL01

Monoloc & Beauty of Inconsequenz - Storyline EP - UL01

Sascha Borchardt (a.k.a Monoloc) launched his label, Unterland, im march 2018 with a new collaborative EP by Monoloc and Beauty of Inconsequenz, an unsearchable and unidentified project with no previous recording history. The eight tracks are all based heavily on field recordings; the sound is dark and deeply atmospheric with dubstep influences. While distanced somewhat from the 4/4 format, the tracks are cerebral and hypnotic.
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A1 Nervous System

A2 Gentle Shift

A3 Flowing

A4 Thrilling

B1 Nylon

B2 Unterhalb

B3 Planet Dagobah

B4 Baum Der Erlösung

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