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  • Image of Alex.Do - Plangent#007
  • Image of Alex.Do - Plangent#007

Alex.Do - Plangent#007

Since day one, Alex.Do accompanied the evolution of
Plangent Records. He gave his opinion and feedback on
the first tracks and was actually living in the same flat as
Recondite when the label was founded back in 2010.
It feels only natural that Alex is nailing the plangent mood
with excellence on his first appearance on the label by
delivering 4 sensitive, gentle, deep and mysterious tracks.
The 12" comes in a coversleeve, each record is handstamped with artwork by Lisa Lydzius.
The price includes 19 % german VAT.

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A1: Genesis

A2: Dolorous

B1: Discharge

B2: Lumen

9.00 EUR
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